The truth about creating routines

I am taking multi-tasking to a whole new level. I am vacuuming and writing this newsletter at the same time. A friend gave me an iRobot Roomba she wasn't using. I love that technology is making it possible for a machine to do my housework. If this is the future bring it on! Writing while this little robot is doing the work in the room beside me has me smiling. BUT I'm not sure I'm saving any time! I've been summoned to help it three times since I started writing this newsletter. It doesn't seem to transition from the hardwood to the carpet in my den. So, I've been moving things around to block it from going off the carpet. I have stacks of books preventing it from straying. On the upside - I finally found a use for the massive old family bible! I'm giving it a chance - if for no other reason I don't want to resist new things. I keep thinking if I can adapt to this little cleaning friend - it will make my life easy. It has worked well in two out of three rooms - damn that plush carpet in my den. The Roomba is reminding me that being in the middle of change is hard. I'm trying to figure out how this new thing works and it's taking more time than getting out my vacuum would in the first place. I realize on the spectrum of change it's way on the left under inconsequential and chosen. I know some of you are going through changes that are on the far right - catastrophic and unchosen. This newsletter is the last one in the series on routines. I was planning for it to be the one where I would share my brilliance with you and outline the specific, sequential steps you need to take to establish routines in your life. After reading it you would be transformed and you would be doing ALL the things you want to do to have the healthy and whole life we all strive for. I don't want to make empty promises. Simple advice isn't going to do it. Here's the truth - establishing a routine is like using a Roomba to vacuum. There are steps that you can take to establish routines in your life. Some routines will be easier for you to establish than others. Not every routine requires the same set of steps. And not every person will need the same steps. And you'll have to be patient as you change. You'll need self-awareness. You'll learn that what worked for someone else won't work for you. And what worked for you in one area of your life might not work in another. I've been studying and researching routines for a while. I used to teach a corporate workshop based on creating routines for workplace effectiveness. I could give you a hefty list of books to read on habits and routines. What I have learned is that are commonalities in the research and of course, there are variables. Our personalities, environments and motivation being three of the big variables. If you really want to create some solid routines the best way I know is to have some accountability as you get started. Work with someone to identify the change you want to make and what routines would be helpful in supporting you in achieving the results you want. I don't want to offer you five simple steps. I'm tired of promises to make my life easier. I will offer you a discount on coaching with me. I am booked for May but I have three spots available for June. If you aren’t seeing the results you want in your life establishing routines can move you towards alignment in living a soul-centered life. Email me using the subject line: June Special on Coaching for details. Book 3 sessions and you'll get 20% off. I'll send you a link to my schedule and an outline of how we will work together. I won't do less than 3 sessions - it takes at least that long to start seeing patterns and getting results. (Allow 48 hours to hear back from me - I'm still navigating that health crisis here.) Now...I have to go rescue my Roomba. It is stuck under a bookshelf and playing a sad song. Sandy PS - I put an Amazon link to a Roomba above - I'm not suggesting you purchase it. It's there in case you aren't familiar with the product and have no idea what I am talking about! I don't have the model shown. Note: I am an Amazon Affiliate.

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