Let me tell you a little bit about me !

My goal is to help you go to bed each night feeling like your life choices finally align with what you really want.  I’ll do this by giving you tools, ideas, and frameworks for thinking.

I had to learn how to do this myself. You can read about the qualifications below, but I think what is most important is I've done this work myself. 

  • I read a lot, and I reflect on my learning and integrate it into my work to serve you well. I currently have 35 books on hold at the library. I am in trouble if they all come in at once!

  • My happy place is being outdoors. Most mornings, you'll find me roaming around a park hugging a few trees. I actually do hug them.​

  • My perfect day would include sitting by a fire, reading a book and eating potato chips. ​


And there are some other details/credentials if you want to know more below. 


I love the word multipotentialite. I am intellectually and creatively curious. I like exploring new tangents in my work. My 'why' - the thing that drives all my work is helping individuals get honest about who they are, what's important to them and realigning their lives to reclaim themselves. 

I love working with women who have become entangled in people-pleasing, religious systems and other situations that are keeping them from living authentic lives. It can be lonely and isolating when you begin to recognize that you have been living a life that no longer works for you. The people who are closest to you don’t understand the journey you are on. You feel like you have to choose between the old system and living truthfully.

You need to figure out who you are and how you want to live. You need to find the courage to write a new story and that may mean making some difficult decisions. If you are walking this road. I can help. I believe wholeheartedly: 


The truth will set you free  


I write, speak and teach about the things that are important to me.


Topics that I believe are important for all of us if we want to connect with one another authentically. Check out my blog where you’ll find posts that cover these topics and more:

  • Soul-Centered Living

  • Managing Expectations

  • Spirituality & Faith

  • People Pleasing


I love technology and I also know that it has impacted how we related to one another. We are all suffering from disconnection - in work, in relationships, with nature, and with our souls. I believe the answer is an authentic connection with each other. When we really show up transformation can happen.​


And if you are looking for credentials:


  • Over 20 years of experience in some of Canada’s top organizations

  • MA in Leadership

  • CTDP

  • Certified MBTI practitioner (INFJ)

  • Enneagram 4

  • 25 years of leadership experience

  • Corporate and retreat speaker

  • 10 years of coaching experience

  • Writer, blogger, speaker, podcaster...and so much more.