Disappoint More People

Are you tired of worrying about what other people will think? 

In Disappoint More People, you will:


  • learn the cause of people-pleasing and how it is impacting your life

  • explore how you can start to take steps to live your life even if others don't agree with your choices

  • walk you through the feelings that are holding you back from speaking your truth

  • identify the barriers that are holding you back

  • create a plan in place to give you the confidence and clarity you need to make the change you want


Using coaching methodology you will focus on a specific situation or person in your life where you feel stuck in a people-pleasing pattern and explore alternatives to feelings of overwhelm, frustration and/or resentment.

And you won't be doing it alone. You will have the support and mutual accountability of a small group who are also doing the work and working to reclaim their own lives and end the cycle of people-pleasing. 

Registration includes two group coaching sessions where you will focus on your biggest challenge in disappointing people and a PDF workbook. The coaching sessions are on Zoom. 

The next session is May 20th at 1- 3 pm EDT. 


NOTE: This course only runs 4 times a year and is limited to six participants per course.

The cost is: $229 CAD.  Please use the PayPal button below to secure your spot. 

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