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Lessons in nourishment

I'm so happy to be sending out a newsletter after several weeks off. I've missed this connection. I'm easing in today with a bit of an update.

I went into the summer feeling like I needed some time away to be. In my last newsletter, at the end of June, I wrote about focusing on the things that nourish me. I am grateful for two weeks at a cottage and one week visiting a dear friend in New Brunswick.

Here's what I learned by focusing on things that nourish me.

I had an impulse one night to swim out to the lily pad (a giant floating mat) in the lake and lay on it while the sun was setting, and the full moon was rising. It was about 16c out, so it was a bit of a hard sell to get someone to join me. Fortunately, my bonus granddaughter, Amelia, was willing and able. It was a highlight of my time away. Why? Because I followed through with something I wanted to do even though it was a little crazy and a little uncomfortable.

Amelia was also willing to go fishing with me one evening. We laughed so hard I thought I would fall into the water when she caught 'the biggest fish ever caught in the lake.' It took both of us to get it in our paddle boat and get it off the hook. 'We can do hard things' became our motto for the week. (Thank you, Glennon Doyle.)

Last week I spent a week on the East Coast with a friend who enjoys many of the same things I do. We spent lots of time exploring the island we were staying on and combing the beaches for treasures. We visited a wool mill where I indulged in some yarn for a new project. We picked wild blueberries and searched for Puffins. We had deep conversations that ranged from our evolving beliefs to what we want in our lives at this stage. We ate dinner on the beach (thanks to her husband cooking it for us). We played games. (I am happy to say I am undefeated at losing.) We laughed a lot. The week was so good for me; I told her I was making it a yearly event.

I'm thankful that I've been spending time doing the things that bring me joy this summer. I've been paying attention to those times I feel most alive and aligned with who I am. I am learning I am nourished most by deep conversation, spontaneous adventures, and unrestrained laughter.

One of those places is writing. I've missed sending out this newsletter every week. I've been writing out my ideas for future newsletters, so I'm ready! Next week I am going to be talking about anger. It's a tough one for people-pleasers. Many of us are conflict avoiders because we are afraid of upsetting other people. If that sounds familiar, you'll love what I have to say next week.

What have you been doing to nourish yourself? What's been holding you back from doing the things that light you up? I think it is more critical than ever right now to pay attention to the things that are life-giving and eliminate as much of what is soul-sucking as you can. It will help restore your equilibrium. For the first time in a while, I am inspired to get back to writing and work. I know the time away helped.

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