• Sandy Reynolds

Feeling the pressure to make a decision?

Everyone seems to want to know if I am getting the Covid vaccine.

Even strangers have asked me, “Are you getting the vaccine?” Now that I am officially eligible to receive it, everyone seems quite interested in whether I’ve got the jab or I am getting the jab.

I haven’t. And I’m undecided. I’m trying to do what is right for me. I’m still gathering data, and I feel like until some of my questions are answered, I will wait a little longer. And trust me, I’ve done a lot of reading, journalling and even talked to my doctor about it. I don’t need more information. I need more time.

I know it isn’t what politicians want to hear. Countries are measuring their success in handling the pandemic in part based on how many people are vaccinated. And leaders are winning or losing in popularity based on the speed of the rollout in their country.

I’m happy for you if this isn’t a big issue for you. If choosing to get a vaccine is an easy decision for you, go for it. For the record, I got a tetanus booster shot yesterday. I’m not an anti-vaccinator.

Many people are urging me, “just get it so we can get on with life as it was.” And believe me, I would be happy for most things to go back to the way they were, except traffic and a few other silver linings enjoyed during these past twelve months of social distancing.

There are times in our lives when we feel pressure to conform and to make decisions. We don’t feel like we have a choice. We feel like we have to do what everyone else wants us to do. I’ve learned the hard way that when I make decisions under pressure or a sense of urgency, I often regret it later. I take external pressure as a sign to step back and think about what I want.

This conversation isn’t just about the vaccine. It’s about many decisions we make in our lives. We can feel rushed to make a decision. It can be uncomfortable to be in the grey area. We like things to be clear. We are for or against issues. We are all in or all out. But life isn’t a poker game.

And other people want to know where we stand!

Generally speaking, when people have decided something is the right or wrong course of action, they want everyone around them to fall into alignment with their beliefs. It can be a reassurance that they’ve made the right decision if other people agree with them.

And that can be tough for people-pleasers. We have a lot of experience making sure other people are comfortable. It can take courage for us to go against the flow.

So in answer to the question of the day, “Am I getting the Covid vaccine?” Not yet. I’m giving myself the gift of waiting. As someone wrote to me today, "The gift of time to make a decision is a beautiful act of self love and respect."

If you are making a decision under pressure, can you step back and give yourself a little time?

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