• Sandy Reynolds

Get clarity about what YOU want.

At this time of year, many of us find it hard to escape the longings we’ve been ignoring. We seem to be collectively restless. We’re waiting for warmer weather, more sunshine and the promise of Spring. Our goals, words and intentions for the new year are either guiding us or taunting us if we have abandoned them. It's a good time to pause and think about what we want in our lives.

But for people-pleasers knowing what you want can be difficult! Do you remember the egg scene from the Runaway Bride? You can watch it here for a reminder. The character played by Julia Roberts was such an accommodator that she didn't even know how she liked her eggs. She just ordered what the person she was with ordered.

I love the question: What do you want? It is a question worth asking. It can be a starting point for getting clear on not only what you want but also who you are. It’s a huge question - four words that when answered honestly can change the trajectory of your life.

With that in mind, I am offering you an exercise to use as a journaling activity using the question ‘What do you want?

Get out a journal or a blank note in your favourite app and try it yourself. It’s an invitation to listen to what your heart is longing for right now. Here's how I break down the question:

1. What do you want?

Answer the question with a focus on what. We all want different things and at different stages, in our lives, those things change. Here are some things that you might want:

  • To feel significant

  • To contribute in a meaningful way

  • Financial security

  • Better relationshipsTo travel

  • To write a book

  • To feel free

  • To be part of a supportive community

  • The list is endless.

The challenge is to get as concrete as you can about what you want. Think about your list and explore what it is you really want. Maybe travel is a way to find adventure in your life because you are bored with your life. Travel may relieve the boredom but it won’t fix your life. Once you are done with looking at the what part of the