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Disappointment Starter Session:
Kick start your 'Disappointing More People' journey with this one-to-one package.

You and me: focusing on you discovering your biggest challenge in disappointing people. 


  • Two calls via Zoom. On the first, longer call, we’ll focus on one challenge, create a plan to move forward and then schedule the follow-up call whenever you are ready.


  • Accountability – I’ll be there to support you and help keep you focused on where you want to be (via whatever messaging platform works best for both of us).

  • One ritual created just for you to support you in the work we are doing together.


COST: $299 CAD


INTERESTED?  Email me and let’s get started. 

Truthfully Speaking Intensive: 
A six-month commitment that will help you address the blocks
that are holding you back.




You and me: focusing on how you can start listening to your deepest self and speaking your truth in all areas of your life.


  • One Zoom call each month – all about you: where you are, what’s challenging you, and where you are moving forward.

  • Other tools created/ shared based on our work together – may include journal prompts, stories, suggested rituals, MBTI assessment, etc.


  • 1-1 contact via email/ messenger – so we can easily connect between calls.

  • Free access to my Sacred Rituals course. 

  • Assignments, book recommendations, and questions. We will work together to make this an unforgettable year.

COST: $279 CAD / month - paid quarterly.


I am only making four spaces available for this intensive one on one work in 2020. I want to be able to focus on going deep with a few people who are committed to doing this work of speaking truthfully and building healthy relationships and communities. 


 If you commit to this, I’m committed to you.


INTERESTED? Email me and we can make sure it’s right for both of us. 

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