• Sandy Reynolds

How are you handling your anxiety?

It's a crazy world out there. Just ask Lucy, the little girl whose first day of school photos have gone viral. Click here to read the story. She looks like a lot of us feel after a day at work! Life can get messy in a hurry.

Here’s my truth: I’ve been feeling anxious lately. I know in my head that everything is okay and manageable but I sometimes feel like we are on the precipice of disaster. I’ve faced some big challenges this year. I’m generally pretty good at getting through a crisis. It’s weeks or months later when the dust has settled that I finally give in to the weight of emotions I’ve been carrying. The timing makes sense for me to be feeling the way I am. I know I’m not alone. Yesterday I was listening to a podcast and one of my favourite Canadian leaders broke down crying talking about how difficult it has been coming to the decision to put her mother in long term care. Our problems might be different but many of us feel overwhelmed. Our lives have gotten more and more complicated. It’s a fact. So what do you do when you start to feel like your resilience is low? When you start to feel that low level of anxiety edging higher? When you aren’t sleeping well? When you find yourself crying while being interviewed on a podcast? When you notice you’ve packed on twenty pounds from emotional eating? If you are feeling overwhelmed (and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have some area of their life they are struggling with) here are some suggestions: 1. Journal - My journal is my sanity. I journal almost every day. Right now I am working through The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. One of the core practices is morning pages. She recommends 3 pages every day to capture what's going on in your head. It’s not always easy but it is helpful to clear my mind of all the stuff going on in there. 2. Meditation - I think meditation can take many forms. It can be your morning walk, praying, a yoga class, deep breathing as you lay in bed or sit in your office. If you haven’t given it a try there are lots of good resources. I found the book, 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works--A True Story by Dan Harris a helpful and humourous introduction to meditation. 3. Cut back on media consumption - Try giving yourself a day a week away from social media and limit the news you watch or read. I don't watch any news in the evening. I find it too disturbing and I don't like to go to bed thinking about how bad things are. In my opinion most news stories are fear based and unresolved. It keeps us coming back to find out more. We watch hurricane's tracking for weeks before they hit land only to discover they never did. Trust that you'll get the information when you need it. I can live without knowing that some body language expert thinks the US President’s wife has a thing for our Prime Minister. 3. Soul-Centered Living - Get back to what is essential. I am starting a group coaching program in September. Most of my coaching clients face the same challenges - a very full life and that sense that they aren’t doing what’s most important. We’ll spend some time figuring out what is most important and then looking at how you can align your life to make sure that you are spending time doing the things you feel are priorities. It isn't as simple or easy as you would think - or we would all be doing it. So, if you have been thinking you want to make some changes in your life and you want to start living more aligned with your values and your beliefs. Consider joining this coaching program. I’m keeping it as affordable as I can. I'm still finalizing some of the details but here is a sneak peek and a special offer for my email list. On September 15th the price will increase.

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