Soul-Centered Living

Life lived from the inside out.

Imagine living your life 

attuned to the wisdom deep in your soul.

Image by Emma Dau

Soul-centered living is living your life aligned with your values; making decisions with confidence; surrounded by people who support you in the process.


Sound like a dream?


I've noticed a theme in my coaching conversations and in the casual chats I have with my friends. We talk a lot about how full our lives are. We have things we want to do but there is a lot of competition for our time. We have ageing parents, adult children, grandchildren, boards we serve on, courses to take, travel plans, questions about downsizing and invitations to do all kinds of good things. We invest in our health and well-being and care deeply about how our choices impact the environment and the people around us. 


And we are grateful to be in this place. We don't take life for granted. We are aware that time is our most precious resource. We still feel overwhelmed and pulled in many directions. We know it's not time management that is the issue. It's deeper. It's about knowing what the best decision is now and choosing from wisdom. 


And that, my friends, is why I have created Soul-Centered Living. 

As women, we excel at knowing what other people need,

we struggle when it comes to knowing and doing

what is best for ourselves. 

I created this course for us. 

It's a place where you can think through what's important to you, explore what gets in the way of doing the things you say you want to do, learn how to listen and trust your own intuition, understand the role of discernment in decision making and so much more!

We'll talk about relationships, boundaries and all that fun stuff that trips us up when we start moving forward. 

And we'll do it together!

Watch the video below for more details:

Topics include:

  • knowing and defining your values

  • identifying your current reality and limitations

  • examining deeply held beliefs and mindsets that impact your choices

  • decision making

  • discernment

  • relationships

  • boundaries

  • expectations

  • people-pleasing

  • supportive practices

  • weekly journal prompts

Course outline:

I originally wrote this as a four week course and then I thought about how I want you to experience it. I want this course experience to be gentle and spacious. I don't want you to feel pressure to get lessons done each day.  So I've opened it up. I'm creating more room for you to breathe and sit with what you are learning.

You will have a full month to complete each lesson. You'll be receiving the lesson by email. There will be daily journalling prompts for those of you who like to journal.  


At the beginning of the course you will receive an invitation to join a private facebook group where we can talk about what we are learning. 

And once a month I will host a Zoom call where we can talk about the lesson and what you are learning.  You will be notified by email with call details.  


I've done this work myself.


I spent the last ten years coming to terms with loss in my life. Our family lost our faith community, job security and shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer. To say I was shaken to the core is an understatement. But what shook me deeper than the external losses was the personal crisis I experienced. It was painful to say the least. I began to question everything I believed.

I had built my life on a system that only worked when everything was going well. And it really worked well when I was playing the role that everyone wanted me to play!

I started to wonder what it would look like to have a healthy and vibrant life that really nourished my soul. In spite of the pain I had experienced, I still felt the call of the sacred in my heart. I did some deep searching and I learned how to live my life in a way that is aligned to my values and integrates what is most important to me now. 

Questions  &  Answers


The next course will be start early in 2021. Join my mailing list for updates.




The course lessons will be delivered to your inbox. It is also stored on my website where you can log in at anytime to access the content. There is a private membership group where you can discuss the content with other members.




I will be capping the course at 20 people. I want to be able to respond to your questions and support you in the Facebook group. My intention with this group is to build a community where we can learn and grow together. 


I will be in the Facebook group regularly and I will respond to your questions there. And you can bring your questions to the Zoom calls as well. 


You will be learning how to align your life with what is most important to you. You will be exploring the relationships in your life and how they support you and how to have boundaries so you can focus on your own spiritual health. My goal in creating this course is to help you learn to listen to what your heart and soul are saying to you and start to live from that place of love. 



 I am currently only receiving payment through PayPal. Payment is in Canadian Dollars.