• Sandy Reynolds

What holds you back?

I think one of the reasons I LOVE walking labyrinths is because it reminds me of the circuitous route we take in life.  Getting to the centre, getting to our centre, often feels like going in circles. It seems like it should be easier or faster to make changes. (By the way, I haven't walked this particular labyrinth but it appeals to me. I can't imagine a more beautiful setting.) 

Last week I talked about Dry January. Several of you emailed me to say you have also thought about your alcohol consumption and how much drinking has become a part of your life. And you also mentioned you have had this conversation with your friends. For many of us, our consumption of alcohol slowly increased. And while it doesn't interfere with our lives in a major way you might feel like it doesn't feel that great either. I get it. Becoming aware is a good first step. Thanks for sharing your stories with me.

I have been thinking a lot about my 'why' recently. My why is helping women remove the barriers that hold them back from living truthfully. So many women I talk to feel overwhelmed and frustrated with their lives. And they feel stuck when it comes to moving forward. They are afraid if they said what they really want in their lives it would blow up their relationships. Have you ever been afraid that if you said what you really think or what you really want, it would destroy the people you love and care about? Here's the truth - your relationships need to be built on mutual trust and support where you can be yourself without fear of rejection. Learning to voice what you need or want can make your relationships stronger. I'm surprised at how most people in my life have not only understood the changes I made but also were on their own journey to wholeness. Being open with them gave them permission to start living truthfully themselves. 

If you aren't familiar with or have never taken the time to sort out your WHY you can watch Simon Sinek explain it in the video below OR you can read his book, Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action. It is widely available, probably in your local library or you could order it online here.  I also have a facilitator's license with Start With Why and can walk you through the process. Let me know if you are interested and I can give you the details. 

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