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Dreaming about life when I'm perfect

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

I've talked about Summer Sandy in the past. Summer Sandy appears in February each year. Summer Sandy is the ideal person I imagine I would be IF ONLY THE WEATHER WAS BETTER. I'm convinced once summer arrives I'll be perfect or at least a greatly improved version of myself.

Summer Sandy exercises regularly, she eats salads and makes healthy choices without hesitation. Summer Sandy watches less Netflix. She has people over all the time to dine on fresh produce from the garden she planted. Summer Sandy reads a lot of books. And watches the sunset and the sunrise every day. Summer Sandy is carefree and focused at the same time.  Summer Sandy rides her bike everywhere. 

It's technically not summer yet so there is still time that Summer Sandy will make an appearance. I'm not sure she will though. She is busy hanging out with Monday Sandy. You know - the Sandy who is going to start doing the thing that needs to be done - on Monday. Because Monday is easier. 

Most of us, if we are honest, have our own version of Summer Sandy. We have excuses for why we haven't done the thing we keep saying we want to do. 

We sincerely believe that it is something outside of ourselves that holds us back from having the life we want. Your version might be, "If I had more money I would _______" or "If I had more time I would ________."  

Here's a few more for you to consider:

When the kids grow up I will be able to... When the kids move out I will have more time for... When I'm retired... When I'm through with my education...

When I have a better job...

Sometimes these things are legit. They can be barriers and they can make it more difficult to do what you want to do . But there are enough people who have accomplished great things when faced with incredible odds and limitations to discredit that theory. And the truth is - the conditions will never be ideal.

Instead of waiting for life to present you with the perfect scenario to achieve your dreams and desires, how about considering what you can do now, with whatever resources you have available, to start working towards making them a reality now. 

Why wait?

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