• Sandy Reynolds

How to have a soul-centered approach to social media

“The real problem of humanity is the following:

We have Paleolithic emotions, medieval institutions and godlike technology. And it is terrifically dangerous, and it is now approaching a point of crisis overall.”

- E.O. Wilson

I opened up my Twitter feed the other day and within minutes, I was depressed. There is way too much negativity for me. There are so many people feeling so many feelings and sharing them everywhere. It’s overwhelming. I've been thinking about the power of social media this week and especially about how much influence these private companies have on our lives.

It's time for a soul-centered approach to how we use these channels in our lives.

I just read through an email I subscribe to, and the author was talking about social media and how it is impacting us. The author, Corbett Barr, says, “The way social media manipulates us individually is incredibly powerful. It’s so powerful that it goes far beyond our own feelings and emotions. Social media may actually contribute to an existential threat to society and democracy.” You can read his entire post here.

I asked you on my recent survey about the social media sites you use. Thanks to those of you who took the time to complete the survey. The top two social media sites used by you are Facebook and Instagram. Facebook owns both platforms. Like me, many of you have alove/hate relationship with social media. After reading Barr’s article, I decided to take stock of my social media use.

I want my social media use to be aligned with what is most important to me. Here is how I approached it:

1. Take inventory: I listed all the social media accounts I use. For me, that included LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Nextdoor and Pinterest. (And I'm waiting to test Clubhouse but that might be FOMO more than anything else.)

2. Evaluate your use: I looked at each one and asked myself some questions including:

  • How much time do I spend on this list?

  • In what way is this platform helping me?

  • In what way is this platform hurting me?

  • Do I really need to be on it? Why?

You might have different criteria for evaluating your platforms.