• Sandy Reynolds

On being on hold

Updated: Jan 9

I’m writing this email while I am on hold, waiting for someone to pick up at my internet provider. It’s my third call to them this morning. I can’t promise I’ll be as patient as I would like to be when I finally get through. I’d rather not be spending my time like this today; however, I have a rather enticing one-day offer sitting in my inbox from my previous provider trying to lure me back. And it is a sweet deal. I’m trying to have it matched or at least get some loyalty compensation.

So I thought, "Why would I waste time holding for 20 minutes when I can use the time to write about it?" It's prompted some thinking and sparked this conversation I want to have with you today. There are so many ways this experience relates to life.

Is there anywhere you feel like you are on hold in your life? Maybe you know you could do better in a certain area, but the idea of changing is overwhelming. Making changes can be inconvenient and time-consuming. It involves identifying what isn’t working, finding a better solution and making a decision. Most of us stick with the same providers once we sign because it just takes too much effort to change.

I’m thinking about how I am on hold (literally and figuratively) in several areas of my life right now. Maybe you feel the same way? It doesn’t matter what is happening in our lives; there is always some transition or change heading our way. Life never stays the same.

Here are some questions to consider:

  • Are you clear on what you want?

  • Are you communicating what you need and want to the right people?

  • Are you willing to make a change to get what you want?

  • Are you willing to face the uncomfortable feelings that come with making a change?

  • Are you willing to go through some inconvenience?

  • Are you worried about what this will look like to anyone?

  • Is there anything you can do while you are on hold to make progress in another area of your life?

That last question, I just added because I am still on hold, and instead of wasting time, I’ve been able to write this newsletter to you! If you've been feeling like you are on hold this year, I hope you'll think about what other areas in your life you can focus on right now.

Remember making changes in our life requires us to do something that takes effort. If it was easy to change our lives would probably look very different. This year may have revealed some patterns or areas in your life that you aren't happy with and it can seem like now isn't the right time to make a change. It is the right ti