• Sandy Reynolds

How do you think about time?

Do you wish you had more time? Do you ever think you don't have enough time to get everything done? I've been thinking about how I think about time. Part of my awareness has included trying to change the way I talk about time. I often catch myself saying things like:

  • I don't have enough time

  • I wish I had more time

  • I wish I had more energy

  • I need to hurry - I don't have much time

  • I should have more time next week

Yes, I have actually said the last line. As if suddenly time will expand and I'll magically have more time next week or next month. I often say, "Next month looks good - I've got lots of time available then."

I am starting to challenge myself by becoming aware of how often I mention time in this way. I do have time. I have the same amound of time as everyone else. It's not time that is the problem. It's how I think about it. Once I've started to think about it as a problem, I start to take action to try and fix the problem. And the amount of time I have is not the problem. The problem is deeper.

I have been considering what a soul-centered approach to time would look like. I think that there are three areas that can really support living in a way that is soul-centered. They are rhythms, rituals and routines. All three are important. This week I want to focus on the area of rhythms.

Rhythms are more fluid than rituals and routines. They are unique to each person. You probably have a natural rhythm to your life. Maybe you are a night person or a morning person. Maybe you are an extravert or an introvert. You may have high energy or low energy. You might need lots of time to reflect or you may just like to go from event to event needing very little recovery time. What is true of rhythms is that they can help us really live in harmony with ourselves and in our communities. You start to make choices rooted in your unique rhythms, fully conscious of your values, and in alignment with what is really most important to you.

One of the ways you can become aware of your life rhythms is to take a calendar and map out the next twelve months. I know it is already April but you can start it anytime. Perhaps April is the perfect time to start living in rhythm with your soul!