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Have a Soul-Centered Christmas

 Discover how to Manage Expectations During the Holidays


Facilitated by 
Sandy Reynolds

I have been largely responsible for delivering the goods at over 35 Christmases.  My oldest child is 35 and his first Christmas is when the pressure really began. I can tell you about the highs and lows of the holidays. (Like the one where I put the decorations away and sat crying in the dark with a glass of wine at 7:30 pm on December 25th. Hello perimenopause and teenage children.) But this isn't about my memories. It's about making your experience the very best it can be. 

In this workshop you will explore: 

In addition to this 90 minute online workshop you will receive a copy of:

  • The Soul-Centered Christmas workbook

  • What Do You Expect? The question you need to ask by Brian F. Reynolds

Workshop Details:

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Give yourself the gift of more peace & joy this Christmas.

Get intentional about every aspect of our Christmas experience. 

You'll save time and money and more importantly you'll be creating the Christmas that nourishes your soul.