Creating Sacred Rituals

A guide to honouring milestones

with meaningful intention. 

How are you honouring the milestones in your life?

In our lives, we experience life-changing events. We talk about them in terms of before and after: "Before I was diagnosed with cancer" or "After my divorce." It could be a milestone birthday, graduation, retirement, having a book published, becoming a parent or grandparent, menopause, empty nester, removing your wedding ring OR some other defining moment in your life. 

 It was significant and you wanted to do something to mark the occasion but you don't know how or what to do. Maybe you wished there was someone who recognized the significance and took the lead in planning 

some sort of ceremony or ritual for you.

Maybe someone even asked the question:

"How do you want to celebrate or mark this moment?

OR maybe you are the person asking the question.

Too often we have no idea how to honour these moments in our lives

or how to support others at these significant times.

We want to do something to honour them and

we want to recognize the significance of these events.


We just don't know where to start.

Rituals help us bring meaning and closure in our lives. They provide us with an opportunity to express the significance of what has transpired. 


That's why I created this course. I want you to learn how to create rituals that will mark these transitions in your life or help you create a ritual for a loved one experiencing a life-defining experience.


Invest a couple of hours in this self-directed course and discover how you can create a meaningful and memorable occasion to mark a milestone or event. I'll help you get comfortable with the idea of creating rituals EVEN if you have never done anything like this before. You don't need a professional or be a spiritual guru to do this work. Just showing up with intention and a recognition that this is important is all you need to get started!


Creating Sacred Rituals

is a 3 part self-directed course created to inspire and guide you in this process.

Lesson 1:  Why Rituals Matter - In this lesson you will explore what rituals are, why they matter and how they help us integrate life passages.

Lesson 2: Assemble Your Kindred Soul Circle - Our life events are made memorable by those who witness them. In this lesson you will explore and answer questions to help you unpack who has been with you in this particular journey and who needs to be part of your Sacred Ritual. (You might decide on a private ritual for yourself.)

Lesson 3: Create Your Sacred Ritual - In this lesson you will look at the elements of a ritual, choose the ones that fit your context and plan your celebration or ceremony. 


Did you know....

A study done by Eventbrite
shows the average person spends $81 dollars on a night out?


For less than half that price
you can invest in creating a meaningful experience and lasting memory!

Start creating Sacred Rituals and make your milestones memorable and meaningful.


Available now for $24.99 

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you will be redirected to the course and you can begin immediately. 

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