• Sandy Reynolds

What if you aren't tired?

I slept in today. I didn't get up to around 6:45 am. I'm usually up much earlier. Last night I sent a text to my walking partner and told her I needed a day off. I felt tired. I was dragging myself around all afternoon and evening.

Several years ago, someone pointed out to me that I often say, "I'm tired." It was something I wasn't aware I did. I was surprised by his observation. When I reflected on his comment, I realized I needed to be more specific about what I felt rather than use the word tired. He was right! Using the word tired can be a catch-all for a variety of feelings. It's like saying something is 'interesting.' It's another word that fails to give any real insight into what we think or feel about something.

So, I caught myself using the word tired last night, and I did some reflecting. Am I really tired? What do I mean? I am tired of being in a lockdown. I am tired of all the daily sacrifices and adjustments that we all need to make right now. I am tired of hearing the same stories repeated ad nauseam on the news (vaccine rollouts, vaccine shortages, death counts, testing completed, etc.).

So yes, I am tired. Tired can be used to describe being bored with something or fatigue. And I think it is a good word for how I feel. And I am tired of being tired.

I know I'm not the only one. I am focusing on resilience in my life right now. And so I've been thinking about how this boredom and fatigue can impact my ability to bounce back during this season. I decided to dig a little deeper into what I am really thinking and feeling right now. What you think about a situation has a big impact on how you feel.

Here's what is working for me, and I suggest your try it and let me know if it helps you.

1. Pay attention to the words you use.

When I catch myself saying I am tired, I am challenging myself to be more specific. What exactly am I tired of? When I said, "I am tired," last night, what exactly did I mean? Was I bored? Was I physically tired? Is there a better word to describe what I was feeling? In my case, I was physically tired last night. What I needed to explore was why I don't think I should feel tired! It's okay to be legitimately fatigued. How can you be more specific in describing how you feel right now?

2. Explore the 'why' behind the feeling.

I had been able to spend a good chunk of time the last three days outside enjoying the sunshine, hiking and playing in a park. I had gone on some long walks. I even did a cold water foot plunge!