Disappoint  More People

You need to start living your life and stop living the life everyone else wants you to live.

Are you tired of

  • feeling overwhelmed?

  • people-pleasing?

  • saying 'yes' when you would like to 'no'?

  • repeating the same patterns?

  • feeling resentful and frustrated?

  • fantasizing about getting on a plane that takes you far away from your life?

What would it feel like to put yourself first?

Do you feel guilty or selfish just thinking about that question?

If you want to make some changes and you feel stuck by your current circumstances I'm here to support you. If you struggle with people-pleasing, being practical or paralysis - I get it!  You can move from being held captive by your fear of rejection or abandonment into the life you want. Think of all the money you'll save on travel!

Live life on your terms

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Hi!  I'm  Sandy

I'm a recovering people-pleaser. I know how difficult it is to say no when someone I care about needs something. I like to be liked. But being liked can get in the way of making choices that bring joy to your life. 


I understand the conditioning that shapes us as women into being compliant caretakers who put everyone else's needs before their own. We feel guilty when we finally say what we want or need. 


I'm here to help you identify your terms and conditions for the life you want to live.  It takes courage and confidence to do this work. 


Take responsibility for your life and let other people have the responsibility back to live their own life. 

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