I'm Sandy Reynolds

I am a writer, facilitator and podcaster working with women to embrace the third act of this glorious life.

From Age-ing to Sage-ing©

What is sage-ing?

Sage-ing is an intentional focus on reframing age-ing so that you can reclaim your role as a leader, sharing your wisdom and spirit to create a better world for current and future generations. 


The core concepts include:

  • Expanding in Elder Consciousness (Who are you as an older person?) 

  • Reviewing Your Life (Looking at your past with compassion and understanding and harvesting the wisdom available to your now.)

  • Repairing Relationships (Letting go, healing past hurts and forgiveness.)

  • Embracing Our Mortality (Creating Peace of Mind.)

  • Creating Our Legacy (Ethical Wills, Sharing our Story)

  • Discovering Gifts of the Emerging Elder (What is your expanded life for?)

                                        (Adapted from

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Why I can help...

I'm a recovering people-pleaser. I know how difficult it is to say no when someone I care about needs something. I like to be liked. But being liked can get in the way of making choices that bring joy to your life. 


I understand the conditioning that shapes us as women into being compliant caretakers who put everyone else's needs before their own. We feel guilty when we finally say what we want or need. 


I'm here to help you identify your terms and conditions for the life you want to live.  It takes courage and confidence to do this work. 


Take responsibility for your life and let other people have the responsibility back to live their own life.