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Reclaim Your Faith

Last year during my wilderness training program I had the opportunity to sit one night by the fire with the founder of an organization called Canadian Bushcraft, a Native-owned school, focusing on subjects that include wilderness survival, traditional Indigenous skills, and land stewardship. He was teaching us about storytelling.

One of the things I learned that night was that traditionally storytelling is a winter past-time. The seasons dictate the way of life and winter is a time for drawing near the fire and sharing stories. The wind is blowing outside as I write this and the weather app has sent a frost advisory notification but I am warm and toasty inside and full of anticipation for this next season. I'm reading more. I'm enjoying deep conversations with friends. I feel the pull of the changing season to slow down. Are you feeling it as well?

I've been intentional about choosing this time of year to launch my new course. I want to invite you to do a deep dive into your spiritual story. I've been working on Reframe Your Faith for several months. I'm launching it officially today. Can I get an 'amen'?

This course is for you if any of these apply:

You are disillusioned with church and organized religion

You have been hurt and/or abused by the church or a religious organization

You left because of the way women are treated

You are done with patriarchy

You are tired of participating in dysfunctional systems

You want to address questions and doubts


You still long for an authentic way to connect spiritually with the things that are deep within you.

You may have internalized messages that have you questioning your own ability to discern what is right for you. I believe that there is a season to tear down. A season to question. A season to deconstruct. And I also believe there is a season to rebuild. A time to reclaim the truth. A season to find authentic relationships that support us in our journey.

Reframe Your Faith is a six week journey in discovering how you can have a vibrant and healthy spirituality. I'll be sending out another email later this week about the course. I have encountered so many people in my life who have walked away from religion (and having heard their stories I think they made the right choice) but they still long for peace, joy and a way to connect spiritually in their daily lives. I get it!

Please check out this course.

You can listen to my podcast episode this week for more details on the content of the course and why I created it and how it will help you. Listen on iTunes here or download it at Reframe Your Life . It should be available anywhere you listen to podcasts.

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