Sacred Rituals

Meaningful Markers for Life Events

A workshop to honour a life event.

For the first time ever, this course is being offered in a workshop format. If you are a experiential learner and enjoy a group format over a self-directed course this workshop is for you. Why not bring a friend who is celebrating or recognizing a milestone this year?


Location: ThinkSpot in Lowville, Ontario


Time: November 10th, 2019


Cost: $99 ($79 discount if you register prior to November 1st) Registration includes a handmade Sacred Rituals journal from Grace Notes Press. 


Registration is limited to 10 participants.


You've been there - a milestone birthday, a graduation, becoming a parent, retirement, book published or some other defining moment in your life and someone asks the question,


"How do you want to celebrate?


OR maybe you are the person asking the question.

Too often we have no idea how to honour these moments in our lives.

We want to do something to honour them and

we want to recognize the significance in these events.


We just don't know where to start.

Don't settle for a mundane and uninspired celebration! 


Invest an afternoon in this workshop and discover how you can create a meaningful and memorable occasion to mark an upcoming milestone. 


Sacred Rituals

is a workshop created to inspire and guide you in this process. The following topics will be covered:

Why Rituals Matter - In this session you will explore what rituals are, why they matter and how they help us integrate life passages.

Assemble Your Kindred Soul Circle - Our life events are made memorable by those who witness them. In this session you will explore and answer questions to help you unpack who has been with you in this particular journey and who needs to be part of this event.

Create Your Sacred Ritual - In this session you will look at the elements of a ritual, choose the ones that fit your context and plan your celebration or ceremony. 



Cancellation policy:  No refunds will be offered after November 3rd. Your ticket can be transferred to another individual. 

Note: If you can't make it on November 10th and would like to arrange a workshop for your community or a group email for details. You will need a minimum of 5 people.