Is the truth no longer setting you free? 

The very thing that should give you peace and anchor your life in this complex and crazy world can be the deepest source of disappointment and disillusionment. And let’s not even get started on religious institutions. No wonder women are walking around with crystals in their bras and crosses around their necks. 

I spent twenty-five years in church leadership before I admitted to myself that religion was destroying my faith.

  • I worried more about what people thought about my beliefs than what my actual beliefs were

  • I was often editing what I said so I wouldn’t upset anyone

  • I went along with what the ‘authorities’ said because you know…I am a woman

  • I desired real community, but I couldn’t be honest with people

  • I wanted to be authentic but I knew that would cost me friendships 


Through a lot of reading, talking, spiritual direction, therapy and journaling I learned how to listen to my own voice, make decisions that reflected what I value and found community that feeds me (sometimes literally). 

Do you want your life to reflect who you really are?

I developed practices that helped me go from being paralyzed by fear and anxiety about what other people in my life thought to being authentic and courageous in discovering what matters to me. I now have rituals that bring me peace, community that sustains me during difficult times and the confidence that I’m living aligned with what I know to be true.

Reframe Your Faith


A Eight Week Journey to Reclaim Your Soul


What if you could reclaim that connection with yourself that you’ve lost?

It all starts in the centre of your being - in your soul.  You start by getting honest with yourself first. And then you move out into your primary relationships and beyond into the rest of your world. Everyone in your life has an agenda and expectations for you. As the years go by, you may discover you have made so many little compromises that you are no longer living true to what you want or who you are. Do you want to live truthfully so you can bring healing to this world?  You facilitate that by living out of your centre and being aligned with who you are. 


Having an authentic faith releases you from the fear of what other people think.

Does living your truth make you feel anxious?

Are you telling yourself, “But that would be selfish!”  

“(Fill in a name) would be upset with me.” 

“I would disappoint my mother/friend/sister/child if I they knew what I really believed?”


Do you wish you could start to reclaim who you are?

Do you want your life to be aligned with what you really believe?


I get it! That’s why I created Reframe Your Faith. I want to help you experience the truth that will set you free.





Reframe Your Faith is an 8 week journey to help you design a life that nourishes your soul.


Every module take two weeks to complete we will explore a topic that is essential to creating a healthy, authentic and vibrant spiritual life. You will receive personal access to a webpage that includes:

  • A PDF lesson for the week 

  • A downloadable MP3 audio to guide you through the lesson

  • A series of journal prompts for the week

  • Links to additional resources to support your learning

  • The first week you will receive the content. 

  • The second week we will do a group webinar to discuss the content.


In addition, you will gain access to a private Facebook group where you can share your story with women on a similar journey. I will be actively participating in the group and will provide live videos to help you further explore each topic.


The Benefits of Reframe Your Faith

  • Learn how to have healthy boundaries to protect your soul

  • Discover how to attune to your own inner wisdom

  • Release guilt as you learn how to manage the expectations of others

  • Reclaim the joy and hope of a healthy belief system

  • Create rituals to nourish yourself

  • Learn about true belonging as you start living truthfully.

  • Stop living your life to please other people and begin to live your one and only life out of your centre

When you take time to hear your own heart and live from your core, you become more peaceful and find resilience 

to deal with the stress of life.

  • Do you want to construct a way of being that will bring you peace and joy?

  • Do you long to find community where you feel like you belong?

  • Are you weary of trying to be something your aren’t?

  • Do you want to be accepted for who you are  - not for what you believe?

  • Are you disillusioned with religious institutions?

  • Are you ready to live truthfully and experience a vibrant and healthy spirituality?

I understand spiritual crisis.


I'm Sandy Reynolds and I spent the last ten years coming to terms with loss in my life. Our family lost our faith community, job security and shortly after I was diagnosed with cancer. To say I was shaken to the core is an understatement. But what shook me deeper than the external losses was the faith crisis I experienced. It was painful to say the least. I began to question everythingI believed.

I had built my life on a system that only worked when everything was going well. I found myself walking away from the church, from faith and from the God I had constructed. I'd been letting other people tell me what to believe.

I started to wonder what it would look like to have a healthy and vibrant faith that really nourished my soul. In spite of the pain I had experienced, I still felt the call of the sacred in my heart and I learned how to have a vibrant and healthy spirituality.


DURATION: 8 weeks

FEE: $299


In Reframe Your Faith we spend eight weeks discovering how you can reclaim a healthy and vibrant spirituality.


Module One: Understanding your faith story.

Let's talk about your unique experience with faith. It's time to unpack your spiritual story. 

I'll take you some activities that will help you discover how your deepest desire for meaning, peace and love led you to where you are now. 

Is the first step in your transformation. You won't get stuck here. You will explore those stories that are creating tension and self-judgment. Compassion will keep you moving forward. 


Module Two: What is your reality?

The path to deep connection continues with taking a good look at your current reality. What is working in your life? We start here because you probably wouldn't be where you are unless something was working for you. It might be that you recognize that having the acceptance of your tribe has become too important to you. What the are beliefs and identities that are keeping you from living truthfully, from expressing freely the truth of who you really are? 

On the journey to identifying what what you want we will look at what isn't working, what you are most afraid of and where your deepest disillusionment has come. 

Module Three: Where do you want to be?

What would it look like for you to really live your truth? When was the last time you felt free to be yourself? 

Let's talk about what a healthy and vibrant spirituality would look like. It's not so much about having the right set of beliefs as having the right heart. You need to learn to listen to that which is deepest within you. Spiritual discernment will help you realign your perspective, release limiting and damaging beliefs, and find the peace you are longing for. 

Module Four: Reframing Community and Relationships

For many of us we live in the tension of who we are, what we want and the expectations of others - real and imagined. You may be holding onto people and/or beliefs so firmly that you are not aligned with your deepest truth. Having healthy boundaries can open up your life to relationships that nourish you with love an acceptance.

How can you respond to what feels true in your life and have the connections that support you in this process? It takes courage to live with integrity in relationships. If you've struggled with the fear of being judged or rejected, reframing community will help you stand in your own truth.


Module 5: Reclaiming

How will you continue to honour what is sacred in your life? It's time to make some agreements with yourself to help you continue to reclaim your truth. You can honour your inner wisdom, live aligned with your soul, and know the Truth that sets you free. 

Are you ready to Reframe Your Faith?

Questions and Answers

What do I need to do this course?

An email account and online access.  A journal and a pen. A printer if you prefer to download and print each weeks worksheets. A commitment to spend at least one hour a week reflecting on the course content.  If you can spend more time on the activities that would be beneficial. Remember you get out of a course what you put into it. I think you will find yourself wanting to spend more time each week once you get into the program.


How will we connect during this course?

There is a private (and optional) facebook group where we can share our learning and experiences and support each other. We will also use the hashtag #callofthesacred on Instagram to share with each other. 

What can I expect to get out of this course?

I'm hoping you will find yourself drawn back into relationship with that which is most sacred in your life. You will begin to listen to and trust yourself and respond to the voice of eternal wisdom within you. At the end of this course, you will feel more aligned and have begun to reclaim that part of you that has been shut down by your past experiences. Most importantly, your journey will be unique to you. I am not here to tell you what to believe. I am here to help you become more discerning and to trust yourself.  You will discover that you are not alone in this spiritual journey. 

Do you have a question I haven't answered?