Rebel Crones Rising



Whether you stumbled across this link or came to it through the Rebel Crones Rising initiative I am happy to have you here. I wanted to give you a quick overview of my work and some of the ways we can connect. I'll get right to the point but if you have time feel free to browse my website and email me if you have any questions!


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3. Are you curious about the Sacred Rituals program? Keep reading through this page. If you sign up now. I'm offering it at a special price for Rebel Crones. The course will arrive in your inbox on October 1st.


I hope you've been enjoying the Rebel Crones Rising project as much as I have been. It's time to let our voices be heard.  Thanks for stopping by and joining the rebellion. -  Sandy

Sacred Rituals

Meaningful Markers for Life Events

Was there a moment when you felt recognized as a Rebel Crone? Did you wish there was some sort of Sacred Ritual to honour the moment you turned 50 or 60 or that magical date when you realized you hadn't had a period in over a year?

I looked for something when I turned 60. I wanted to step into this new decade with intention and celebration. I feel such gratitude for all the experiences I've had in my life. I feel gratitude for each new day. And I want to continue growing, expanding, thriving and contributing. 

I created Sacred Rituals to guide you through the process of creating your own ritual to celebrate this new season of life. After all crones and rituals go together like wine and cheese.    


Invest a couple of hours in this self-directed course and discover how you can create a meaningful and memorable occasion to mark an upcoming milestone. 


Sacred Rituals

is a 3 part self-directed course created to inspire and guide you in this process.

Lesson 1:  Why Rituals Matter - In this lesson you will explore what rituals are, why they matter and how they help us integrate life passages.

Lesson 2: Assemble Your Kindred Soul Circle - Our life events are made memorable by those who witness them. In this lesson you will explore and answer questions to help you unpack who has been with you in this particular journey and who needs to be part of this event.

Lesson 3: Create Your Sacred Ritual - In this lesson you will look at the elements of a ritual, choose the ones that fit your context and plan your celebration or ceremony. 

You can purchase it now at a special Rebel Crones' price of $39.99 USD.