Rebel Crones Rising



Whether you stumbled across this link or came to it through the Rebel Crones Rising initiative I am happy to have you here. I wanted to give you a quick overview of my work and some of the ways we can connect. I'll get right to the point but if you have time feel free to browse my website and email me if you have any questions!


1.  Are you looking for the PDF giveway: Books and Resources for Rebel Crones?   You can download it here. No obligation to sign up for anything. Enjoy!


2.  I have a weekly newsletter called Truthfully Speaking where I explore topics related to living what a Soul Centered Life. It is also where you will find out about upcoming courses and events I am offering. You can sign up for it here.  


I hope you've been enjoying the Rebel Crones Rising project as much as I have been. It's time to let our voices be heard.  Thanks for stopping by and joining the rebellion. -  Sandy