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I'm a maven. I'm always on the lookout for books and products that will support you in living aligned with your values. This page will change often so check back regularly. Many of the links are affiliate links so I will benefit when you purchase through my site. Thanks! Link through photo or title. And I recommend these books or products regardless of where you get them - in fact, I always try my local library first.  

Sue Monk Kidd has helped me understand the historical oppression of women through her writings and this book is no different. In this beautifully written fictional alternative history, she tells the story of Ana, the wife of Jesus. A

I highly recommend it. 

I'm currently reading this book and I am surprised by how much life stuff is in here! B-School founder Marie Forleo shares her life message and the philosophy that has helped others get unstuck. 

I have three copies of this book. One to lend, a hard copy I have marked up and read many times and an ebook version so I always have access to it. For any woman who has been or is part of the Christian tradition and is waking up to the divine feminine and the role of the patriarchy. Please read it! 

I've interviewed Patti more than anyone on my podcast. I'm excited to share with you her story in print version. 

It's an honest look at the impact of illness on a family. 

My spirituality book club is currently reading this book and loving it! Written at 80 by Parker Palmer, it is a look back and forward at this milestone in life. 

There is so much wisdom on these pages. 

Kindle - Paperwhite 

It took me a long time to decide to purchase a dedicated e-reader. I've been using Kindle and Kobo apps on my iPhone. I find myself easily distracted when I am on a device. One text and I'm no longer reading. And then there is the issue of reading out in the sunshine. 

After some research, I decided to get the Kindle Paperwhite. Waterproof, small, great for travel or to carry in my bag. Plus I'm saving money on most books (not all so make sure you check the price for ebooks and hard copies before you purchase a book!)